Choosing an edition size

1 of 1s vs Multi-Editions

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KnownOrigin offers creators a range of options to sell their artwork, catering to different preferences and strategies. Artists can choose to sell unique, one-of-a-kind pieces or opt for larger editions consisting of up to 250 tokens (applicable when utilising the KnownOrigin V3 contract).

When it comes to larger editions, each token within the edition is an ERC-721 NFT, ensuring its uniqueness, even though the aesthetic remains identical across all tokens. This approach of multi-editions is prevalent on KnownOrigin, with artists embracing it as a means to increase accessibility to their work and attract a wider range of collectors.

For creators leveraging our Creator Contracts feature, they have the opportunity to mint up to 1,000 tokens within a single edition. It's important to note that once an edition is created, the size becomes fixed and cannot be increased. However, creators have the flexibility to reduce the edition size by burning tokens if desired (Gas fees apply when burning tokens).

The decision regarding edition size involves considering factors of scarcity versus abundance, ultimately resting with the creators themselves.

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