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How to purchase a piece of art using a credit or debit card directly

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Making card payments

We have partnered with popular payment solution Wert.io to allow the purchase of KnownOrigin art directly from your credit or debit card and also the top-up of your crypto wallet (eth) using your card.

Buy directly with card

1: Login to KnownOrigin as normal

2: When visiting a listed artwork, you will see a buy with card button

3: Once you are ready with your card in hand, confirm the transaction and start the purchase flow

4: Enter your card and address details, completing any additional KYC/AML steps if requested.

5: Once the purchase has been triggered, you will be presented with a pending screen as the purchase occurs.

6: Once complete you will receive the NFT directly to your wallet 🤯 🔥

If any problems arise, you will receive the purchased ETH directly to your wallet.

7: Send yourself an email receipt for you records.

Add funds from card

Rather than purchasing directly using your card, we also facilitate the top-up of your Ethereum address directly from KnownOrigin using your credit/debit card.

1: Login to your profile click Add funds to launch the top-up flow.

2: Enter your card details and address details, completing any additional KYC/AML steps if requested.

3: Once your order has been submitted you see a yellow pending page

4: Once complete you will see a green complete page.

5: Send your self an email receipt for you records.


If you are stuck, head over to the Wert FAQ to see if there is a common solution to your problem.

If you have copied or been presented with a transaction hash, then check on etherscan for its status.

Check the email address you used for any correspondents.

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Wert.io website is operated by SHA2 Solutions OU (Reg. code 14952299). 

US office
SHA2 Solutions Inc
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Phone: +1 662 727 1642
Email: [email protected]

Estonian office
SHA2 Solutions OÜ
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Phone: +372 60 28560
Email: [email protected]

For law enforecment agencies: [email protected]
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