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Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct
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What is a code of conduct?

A code of conduct is a set of rules outlining the norms, rules, and responsibilities or proper practices of an individual party or an organisation who is interacting with the KnownOrigin community and its platform.

Primarily aimed at not being evil! wiki

The code

KnownOrigin wants things to simple, we don't want complicated workflows and complicated relationships and expect everyone to be respectful to all.

At the end of the day the name of the game is respect, be respectful to all and treat others as you would expect to be treated.

As Google says "Don't be evil", if you see something that you think isn’t right – speak up!

For all community members

  • Treat all members of the community with respect

  • If problems arise, talk to each other first and try to come to an understanding

  • Do not threaten or attack any community member or member of the KnownOrigin team

  • Wash trading, price exploitation or manipulation will not be tolerated

  • Be inclusive, non-judgemental and polite - civil discussion should be possible without attacking each other on a personal level

  • Flag scams, fakes and other problems to the wider community in order to get them resolved as quick as possible

For creatives

  • Ensure you always accredit your artworks where applicable

  • Ensure your artworks are always unique on the KnownOrigin platform

  • Ensure you always seek permission to use someone else's work - remixes/collages can be great but often artists prefer to be consulted

  • Ensure your creations do not infringe copyright and or other intellectual materials, including audio

  • Ensure when making collaborative work, you seek the permission to add someone as a collaborator

For KnownOrigin staff

  • We will not give preferential treatment to anyone, treat all as equal

  • We will try to resolve all problems as quick as possible and in a timely fashion

  • We will try to help out all community members when problems arise

  • Be transparent with what we are working on

  • Maintain open communications on Discord, Telegram and our community calls

  • Ensure all smart contract code is open sourced

  • We will never ask anyone for a private key, password or any type of cryptocurrency

Further details can be found on our privacy policy and our terms of service.

Please bring to our attention other items which are missing from the list above.

This is our first time making one of these, and we'd love for the community to be more involved.

If the above are infringed please bring this to our attention, we will aim to hold those accountable for their actions.

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