Verifying on Discord

How do I become verified?

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How to verify on Discord

In order to get the correct Discord roles, you will need to verify your wallet, which should be the same wallet you use when on KnownOrigin. This is in the form of a signature request with your associated wallet.

It will never ask for your seed phrase, private key or any transactions other than the sign request.

We realise this is not simple, however it is crucial to protect our Discord community.

The journey to enlightenment...

By verifying yourself we can give you more roles and unlock various group and channels.

  • You will need to turn on your DMs for the server to ensure you receive your verification message. You can turn this off once you are verified.

  • Go to the channel #🌈|verify-here in the ‘KO ARRIVALS’ group.

  • Trigger the verify command by typing /verify and hitting enter.

  • You should see a message from ko-role-bot with a Message me button (The bots messages are private to you, only you can see them).

  • Click the Message me button and after a bit of thinking time the bot should send you a direct message. Check your DMs!

  • The Discord API can be a little slow so please be patient with it. Please make sure your DMs are open to receive the message.

  • Go to your DMs and click on the ‘click here’ hyperlink.

  • This will open up a pop up, click on ‘Yep!’ to lead you to the KnownOrigin verification website.

  • You will land on the KnownOrigin verification landing site, click on ‘connect your wallet’ and which wallet type you are using.

  • Authorise your wallet through the signature request.

  • You will be able to see your roles on the website and the ko-role-bot will DM you these to confirm.

Congrats! You are now verified, depending on your roles you will have access to new channels

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