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🚨 Email safety reminder
🚨 Email safety reminder
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Email safety reminder
The KnownOrigin team will never email you to take part in an artist feature, spotlight or drops. Scammers have in the past approached artists over email to offer exclusive spotlights and features, if you are approached about this over email, it is a scam.
​Legitimate drops / features
The KnownOrigin team will only get in contact with you through our official Twitter.
You will not be contacted by any KnownOrigin team members through their personal Twitter accounts, by email or through any other sites.

How to spot a scam email

  • All legitimate KnownOrigin emails are sent from a email address

  • Scam emails usually have incorrect spellings / grammar

  • We will never provide a phone number for you to contact

  • It is being sent from a KnownOrigin team member you have never heard of

  • It has downloadable files attached to it

  • It contains links that are unfamiliar / look suspicious.

What to do if you have been targeted by a scam email

  • Report / block the sender.

  • Report the scam with our support by raised a ticket.

What to do if you followed through with the scam

  • Create a new wallet and move your assets to it immediately as your wallet may be compromised.

  • If you have signed any wallet prompts revoke them immediately. Also, please report the scam with our support by raised a ticket.

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