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What to do if your wallet has been hacked / compromised
What to do if your wallet has been hacked / compromised

What to do if your wallet gets hacked

Updated over a week ago

If you believe your wallet has been compromised please get in contact with our support team through the KnownOrigin Help center and provide as many details as possible into what happened and why you think your account was compromised. We will verify your ownership of the account at this point of the process.

After this you will need to create a new profile with a fresh wallet, our team will help you with technical issues such as reclaiming your old username. We will disable the compromised profile and then enable your new profile. If you were previously a verified creator you will not need to apply again.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of blockchain there are considerable limitations on the help that we are able to provide to those who have been hacked. Here is a few of the things we are and are not able to offer:

  • WE CANNOT transfer any of the tokens minted from the hacked account to another one.

  • WE CANNOT divert any funds that have been sent to that account.

  • WE CANNOT associate a new wallet to an existing profile.

Of course, ideally this could all be avoided if your account isn't compromised. Here is a helpful article with a few tips on how to keep your wallet secure.

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