Supported artwork formats

Information regarding the artworks supported on KnownOrigin

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We currently support the following file formats:

  • Image formats - PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG & WebP

    • 360 Image formats - PNG, JPG

      • image has to contain the Exif XMP tag

      • Projection type=equirectangualr

        • Without this they will not work on KnownOrigin as 360 images

  • Video formats - WebM & Mp4 (minimum of quality of 720p - 1280 x720)

  • 3D formats - GLB

  • Max file size

    • 150mb for main asset

    • 35mb for cover images

Cover images are mandatory when using video or 3D models - this will enable the token to be better represented on other websites and wallets which do not support these media types.

Image based Art

You must adhere to copyright, originality and KnownOrigin's User Agreement when minting. Reputation is king in this space, so we ask those involved to respect other artists and collectors.

Video based Art

Unfortunately, not all browsers support every format and even within families of browsers there are variations in what formats, frame rates and maximum sizes they support.

We have recently introduced video transcoding of all videos on KnownOrigin in an attempt to improve the overall viewing experience when displaying artwork on the site for all browsers and devices.

We also do not process the video before associating to the tokens, we transcode them after creation meaning that the video upload is the exact video which is tokenized.

Currently, we transcode all videos to a minimum of mp4/1080p quality which from our tests produces the best set of results for user generated quality on the widest set of devices.

The downside is that although KnownOrigin will hopefully provide the best viewing experience, other sites, specifically aggregators like OpenSea and Rarible may not do the same thing and will try to render the original uploaded by an artist. This means that they may not play on all devices when viewed on these platforms.

We recommend trying to upload video artwork in a format which has the widest support such as mp4 / h264 / 1080p.

Read more about video transcoding here.

Further guidance on cross browser support for video formats can be found below:

3D artwork

We use the Google authored modelviewer for rendering 3D assets, this seems to be a widely supported and well-built, opensource solution.

Lighting & Environment

We use a default lighting environment module which can downloaded here default hdr module. This is applied to all models on KnownOrigin and should provide some simple environmental settings. In the future we will look to allow custom HDRI.

Useful GLB links

360 Images

KnownOrigin now supports 360 images, sometimes also referred to as image spheres.

The main asset is the only asset captured - no cover image is required.

In order for your image to correctly display as a 360 image on KnownOrigin you must have the following:

  • Image formats - PNG, JPG

  • Image needs to contain the Exif XMP tag name:ProjectionType, value:Equirectangular (Without this they will not work on KnownOrigin as 360 images)

When uploading a 360 image if the upload form does not render a 360 image something is invalid, and you are most likely missing the correct image metadata tag. Do not mint as it will NOT work without it.

We use the open-source viewer known as pannellum to render the images on KnownOrigin.

  • The maximum image size should be preferably limited to 4096px wide; 8192px is also acceptable for most devices.

  • Please note: Services such as OpenSea or Rarible currently do not know how to render this type of image, so they are displayed flat.

In the future we can iterate on this current solution and look to include 360 videos and other new 360 formats.

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