# Minting art

# Uploading artwork options

When creating new editions on KnownOrigin we offer a somewhat comprehensive set of configuration options, allowing you to customise certain aspects of your work. Below we cover some of these options in more detail.

First visit your profile, once you are enabled on KO you will see a button like this, click it and then proceed to fill in the relevant information.

# Artwork detailes

This section allows you to set the name and description of your artwork. A good description can help collectors to understand the artwork more easily. These are also part of the ERC721 token specification and will be displayed in most wallets and other third party sites which support NFTs.

# Edition Size and Price

Edition size

Currently, we support a max edition size of 25.

Once an edition is created, the edition size is set in stone, you cannot increase it, you can however reduce it via artwork management

Scarcity vs abundance comes into play when making the choice about edition size. We support and promote both single-edition and multi-edition artworks. Please reach out on Discord to speak to other artists about this age-old topic of scarcity vs abundance, ultimately it's your call.

Accepting offers only

Setting this means a collector will only be able to make you an offer and not directly purchase your work at a buy now price.

This options can be controlled once an edition has been minted via artwork management.


If set, this is the ETH price for an individual token.

Pricing is hard from our experience, especially for new comers to the space, please reach out on Discord to speak to other artists on this subject.

There is currently a minimum price of 0.04 ETH.

Accepting bids

Once enabled, you will be able to receive offers as well setting a price for your artwork.

This cannot be modified once set so if in doubt we would recommend you enabled this feature. It can also help become a price discovery mechanism.

# Image/artwork usage

You must adhere to copyright, originality and KO's terms and conditions when minting. Reputation is king in this space, so we ask those involved to respect other artists and collectors in these regards.

# Collaborations

You can set another Ethereum address as a collaborator which you can then allocate a percentage of funds to on every sale, this works on both primary and secondary sales when they happen on the KO platform.

You can currently specify a set of predefined percentages when minting such as 10%, 25%, 50% etc.

To note: we only support whole numbers for percentage splits, so if a split of 50/50 happens, taking into account KO fees this means that the collaborator may receive 1% less than the other part due to rounding up or down.

# Artwork and tagging

You can tag your artwork using up to 25 tags. Try to be as accurate as possible as these tags power searching and classification of your artwork. They also may be visible on third party sites.

# Uploading artwork and Cover images

More details about supported formats

# How long does it take to appear on KO?

Once the transaction has been sent from your wallet, it usually takes 3-5 minutes after being minted for it to appear on KnownOrigin.

We currently have a restriction of 1 upload every 24 hours. The goal of this is to not overwhelm collectors and to try give some exposure to every new creation.

# Scheduling sale date

You also have the option to schedule the start time of your sale on KO. This option can be found in the minting form.

Please note:

  • Time is ALWAYS in UTC - please get in contact on discord if you need help on this
  • This cannot be changed once set
  • The timer is on-chain and cannot be circumvented by bypassing the website

This will add a countdown timer to your artwork page.

# Why would you do this?

We added this feature to enable artists to be better able to build a hype cycle for their releases and even do group releases. This would also enable you to schedule multiple works to drop at the same time (though the scheduling could only be done once a day).

# Promoting your work

  • Socials / make sure you are building a brand which collectors will recognise and fall in love with.
  • Be an active member of the scene by signing up for any competitions that and running and be active in the community Discord. Collectors are more likely to buy from a name they can recognise and someone they know is dedicated.
  • Try to build up a lasting relationship with the collectors who are interested in your work.
  • Artist checklist of success by Trevor Jones
  • How To Build a Social Following for Your Art