# 🔥 Drops

# What is Drops?

Drops is a promotion service we offer to our artists, the limit is 1 drop per an artist at the moment. The drops take place every Thursday with a group of 4 artists showing 1 work each. We are currently experimenting with a new system which aims to better democratize the drops process. As a consequence, the process to express interest in your work being featured as part of a drop has also changed. This system may change in the future - for now we are exploring it as a way to make the drops process fairer and more efficent.

# Participating in a Drop?

As mentioned above, the process for participating in drops has now changed. To stand a chance of being featured artists must follow these steps: mint your work as normal by no later than 12pm UTC on the Sunday before the drop date. When you go to upload your work, scroll down the page until you see 'schedule the sale'. Move the toggle for this option to the right and schedule your work for 8pm Thursday of the week in which you wish to be featured as a drop artist - failure to follow this will automatically disqualify you from a chance of being featured in that week's drop.

# How we arrange the Drops?

Previously, artists could apply to take part in drops - KnownOrigin would then hand-select 4 artworks with which to form the week's drops selection. Under the new system, all artists that upload their work will stand an equal chance of their work being featured. Rather than selecting by artwork, we will now be selecting by artist. This means that uploading multiple artworks for a drops window will NOT increase an artist's chance of being featured. This ensures that artists who are unable to mint numerous works will not be disadvantaged by the drops process. However, artists are able to upload as many (different) works as they wish for any particular drop date. In the event that an artist is chosen who has uploaded multiple works for that week we will personally choose one artwork to promote. As before, 4 artists will be selected to have their work featured for the weekly drop. However, 3 of these artists will now be chosen at random using software whilst the 4th will be manually selected by KnownOrigin. Once an artist has been featured as part of a weekly drop they will be removed from the list of potential drop artists, therefore increasing the chances for other artists seeking to be featured.

# Setting up your drop?

Once an artist has uploaded their work, all they need to do is wait for further correspondence. If an artist is chosen to featured as part of a drop they will receive an email informing them accordingly. Please note that we are only able to inform those who HAVE been selected - if you have not heard from us by the Tuesday before the drop date it means you have not been chosen for that upcoming drop window. Should you need to contact us in relation to your drop, please head to the 'drops chat' channel on our Discord where more information and relevant announcements can be found.