# Join as an Artist

# How to apply?

Start off by making a profile on KO and filling in this form.

The application window opens once the last batch has been processed, stay tuned to our socials to find out when the next window opens!

# What will I need to apply?

  • A portfolio with no more than 5 works (please make sure you give permission for it to be seen by us if it is a google docs or dropbox).
  • A brief summary of your work and why you think you'll be a good addition to KO.
  • Meet all the requirements for application such as making sure your profile is fully complete with profile/cover images and social media links.

# How long does it take?

We endeavor to deal with all applications within a month of applying.

We appreciate your patience. Once you have been approved and verified, artists will be enabled in weekly batches.

# Can I re-apply?

Yes, we welcome this! Just review your profile, and your portfolio to make sure it is the best it can be.

# How does the process work?

In the spirit of being transparent, the following flow diagram is the process we use at a high level.

As an artist moves through this process, emails will be sent at each stage.

As this is a new flow and process we do expect some duplicates and issues so bear with us.