# Supported artwork formats

# Formats

We currently support the following file formats:

  • Image formats - PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG & WebP - (along with animated variants)
    • 360 Image formats - PNG, JPG - image has to contain the Exif XMP tag ProjectionType=equirectangular (Without this they will not work on KO as 360 images)
  • Video formats - WebM & Mp4
  • 3D formats - GLB
  • Max file size
    • 75mb for main asset
    • 25mb for cover images

Cover images are mandatory when using video or 3D models - this will enabled the token to be better represented on other websites and wallets which do not support these media types.

# Image/artwork usage

You must adhere to copyright, originality and KO terms and conditions when minting. Reputation is king in this space, so we ask those involved to respect other artists and collectors in these regards.

# 3D artwork

3D artwork support on KO is simple at the moment, more features will be added later down the line.

We use the Google authored modelviewer for rendering 3D assets, this seems to be a widely supported and well-built, opensource solution.

# Lighting & Environment

We use a default lighting environment module which can downloaded here default hdr module

This is applied to all models on KO and should provide some simple environmental settings. In the future we will look to allow custom HDRI.

# 360 Images

KO now supports 360 images, sometimes also referred to as image spheres.

The main asset is the only asset captured - no cover image is required.

In order for your image to correctly display as a 360 image on KO you MUST have the following:

  • Image formats - PNG, JPG
  • Image needs to contain the Exif XMP tag name:ProjectionType value:equirectangular (Without this they will not work on KO as 360 images)

When uploading 360 image, if the upload form DOES NOT render a 360 image, something is invalid, and you are most likely missing the correct image metadata tag, do not mint as it will NOT work without it.

We use the open source viewer known as pannellum to render the images on KnownOrigin.

One point to note: Service such as OpenSea or Rarible currently do not know how to render this type of image, so they are displayed flat. Hopefully this will change in the future

In the future we can iterate on this current solution and look to include 360 videos and other new 360 formats.