# Verifying on Discord

Note: This is not mandatory; if you don't want to verify you will see all the public channels 😉

To verify your wallet and get the correct Discord roles you will need to sign a transaction proving you have access to your associated Ethereum wallet. We realise this is not super simple but it works and will help make the Discord a better place and unlock relevant channels!

# The journey to enlightenment...

By verifying yourself we can give you more roles and unlock various group and channels

  1. Go to the channel #🤖-botty-mcbotface in the community group
  2. Trigger the verify command by typing /verify and hitting enter
  1. You should see a message from ko-role-bot with a Message me button (The bots messages are private to you, only you can see them)
  1. Click the Message me button and after a bit of thinking time the bot should send you a direct message. Check your DMs!

The Discord API can be a little slow so please be patient with it, ensure you are allowed to receive DMs in your discord settings if you do not get a message

  1. Click the Click here link in the message and this should take you to the Known Origin Verification Portal. Here you will see an option to connect your wallet

Please double-check that the wallet you are connecting with is the same wallet you have linked to your KO profile

  1. Once you have connected your wallet you will see another button Verify wallet. This will generate a signature to sign, verifying that you own the wallet.
  1. When you have signed this transaction the bot will do it's magic and generate you the correct roles! You should see a page like this showing which roles you've been assigned.
  1. You will also receive another DM to confirm the roles. You're finished and you now have some shiny new Discord roles!

# Roles

  • KO User - verified user on KO Discord
  • KO Profile - verified and has a KO profile
  • KO Artist - verified and enabled KO Artist (checks the blockchain!)
  • KO Collector - verified and owns KODA tokens

If you don't want any of these roles once you have verified speak to us on the #support-general channel in Discord