# Verifying on Discord

Note: This is not mandatory; if you don't want to verify you will see all the public channels 😉

We realise this is not super simple but it works and will help make the Discord a better place and unlock relevant channels.

# The journey to enlightenment...

By verifying yourself we can give you more roles and unlock various group and channels

  1. Go to the channel #🤖-botty-mcbotface in the community group
  2. Type !verify
  3. You should get a DM from NFT42 bot

  1. Follow the link to verfiy to the page that allows you to "connect your wallet".

Ensure you are logged into the correct Discord account you use on KO Discord

  1. Connect your wallet to identify your public key. We never ask for your private key...ever.
  2. Sign a offchain message (this costs no GAS) and lets the bot link you discord user to your KO account (identified by your public key on Ethereum)
  3. When it says "Authentication successful you may return to discord" head back to discord's #🤖-botty-mcbotface channel.
  4. Type !ko claim and you will get roles you are due. You see a little green tick when this work.

# Roles

  • KO User - verified user on KO Discord
  • KO Profile - verified and has a KO profile
  • KO Artist - verified and enabled KO Artist (checks the blockchain!)
  • KO New Artist - verfied and enabled KO Artist in the last 3 months
  • KO Collector - verified and owns KODA tokens
  • KO Patron - verified patron of KO

If you don't want any of these roles once you have verified speak to us on the #support-general channel in Discord