# What we can do if you have been hacked

Here's the process for dealing with a compromised

  1. If you think your security has been compromised please reach out to the team and make them aware of your situation
  2. We will confirm it's you by verifying your socials
  3. Create a new profile on KO
  4. Provide this new profile to the KO team and let us know your old and new profile and the reason for the switch
  5. The KO team will disable minting of the old profile and enable the new profile
  6. The KO team will then re-name your old profile to indicate to collectors that this account is no longer being controlled by you

Unfortunately, due to the nature of blockchain there are considerable limitations on the help that we are able to provide to those who have been hacked. Here is a few of the things we are and are not able to offer:

  • WE CANNOT transfer any of the tokens minted from the hacked account to another one
  • WE CANNOT divert any funds that have been sent to that account

Of course, ideally this could all be avoided if your account isn't compromised in the first place which can be implemented fairly easily. Here is a helpful article with a few tips on how to keep your wallet secure.