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How can I sell a piece only to certain Collectors?

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How does it work?

Early access allows you to create a Buy Now sale, which can be purchased in an early phase by collectors of your choosing, for free or a reduced price.

It's a very flexible feature, but we imagine some popular uses being:

  • Reward existing collectors with free or reduced price artworks

  • Running premint.xyz competitions and gating access behind activation campaigns

  • Hosting events with an associated POAP and rewarding attendees

Examples of how you can add users to the Early Access phase:

  • All of your KnownOrigin collectors. Any wallet containing any piece you've minted on KnownOrigin.

  • Specific KnownOrigin collectors. Any wallet containing a specific piece you've minted on KnownOrigin.

  • Holders of a POAP. Any wallet containing a specific POAP.

  • Any wallets on a CSV file you create.

Step 1:

Choose the Early access feature in the minting portal. This works with 1/1s or a Multi-edition and functions like a Buy-now auction.

Step 2:

Choose the details of the Early Access phase, including a price, maximum quantity and number mints per wallet. You can also set the early access price to 0, which will allow your early access list to claim for free, only paying gas.

Step 3:

Choose who you would like to allow Early Access

Adding POAP attendees requires you to enter the POAP event ID, which you can find on the POAP Website

By using the Event ID, you can add multiple POAPs

Step 4 (optional):

Download the list of addresses created to double-check wallets added. This list can also be distributed to your collectors to check whether they're on the list.

Step 5:

Set the conditions for the public sale, when the Early Access is over.

Step 6:

Early Access sales will require you to sign multiple blockchain transactions, one for the early access phase and one for the public phase.

Please complete this process fully. If you close this window halfway through, contact support through KnownOrigin Discord and we can help.

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