Deploying a Creator Contract

Step by step tutorial of how to create and deploy your Creator Contract.

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Since launching in 2018, KnownOrigin has been on a mission to empower creators by developing the features and tools they need to sell and promote their work.

Any user approved to mint their work on KnownOrigin can now deploy their own contract via our creator portal. We have explained the process for creating and deploying your own contract below.

Step 1

Log into the Creator Portal with your KnownOrigin artist-approved profile.

Step 2

Select ‘Creator Contracts’ when choosing between the two contract types.

The Shared Contract is the KnownOrigin contract that all artists used before we introduced the ability for creators to mint work on their own contracts.

Step 3

Enter a contract name between 15-30 characters and a contract symbol of less than 7 characters, using only alpha-numeric characters. Before moving to the next step, double-check that you’re happy with your choice as this can’t be changed in the future.

Marketplace blockers are a short-term solution for ensuring that a creator receives royalties on secondary sales, in this section you will need to add a blocker. More information about them can be found here:

Step 4

Enter a description, a thumbnail image, and a banner image, and ensure that you tick the T&Cs. You can also add tags, a website, and a collection image, but these aren’t mandatory fields.

The thumbnail and banner image will be used to generate your collection page and card on the KnownOrigin marketplace, and will also populate your collection page on other marketplaces, so be sure to use high-resolution images.

Step 5

Now deploy your contract! The progress bar will proceed to fill, and you will be prompted to sign a transaction with your wallet to deploy the contract to the Ethereum blockchain. The cost of this will vary depending on how high gas fees are at the time of deployment.

Step 6

Once your new contract has been deployed, you’ll see how your collection card will look across the site. You can either go straight into minting an NFT or view all contracts.

Step 7

Once your new contract has been deployed, you can view the contract in the list of those available to you as an artist. You’ll also be able to view the collection page on the marketplace that was generated with the details you provided in Step 4.

Step 8

This is the page you’ll have an overview of all the contracts you’ve deployed. You can check royalties, to mint from this contract, you must select the Mint option from the Contract page on the contract you wish to create your NFT from.

Step 9

Continue through the Create flow as normal, and check that the contract stated at the top of the page is the contract you are intending to mint your NFT from.

Step 10

Mint your NFT and share it with your collectors!

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