How to Setup a collaboration

Share your work and split payments with your fellow creators

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KnownOrigin's collaborator feature allows creators to set up to 4 other KnownOrigin creators as collaborating on an edition (5 collaborators in total). This allow you to split a percentage of funds between the collaborators on every sale on a contractual level, this works on both primary and secondary sales when they happen on the KnownOrigin platform and is simple to do via our minting portal.

The collaboration feature is available both on our shared contract (V3) and through our creator contacts. Please note that all collaborators need to be verified as a KnownOrigin artist in order to be included in a collaboration.

When you reach the minting portal, select the "Collaborate" option.

Once you click through, you will have the ability to view any collaborations that you have initiated or have been invited to participate in. You are able to use already existing collaborations as many times as you would like. On the bottom right side of the page, you will find the option to 'Create Collaboration'.

Here, you have the option to include your collaborators by providing their wallet addresses. To add or remove collaborators, you can utilize the '+' and '-' buttons. Additionally, you have the flexibility to allocate royalty percentages for each individual, ranging from 1% to 99%, as long as the total allocation sums up to 100%.

Next, by clicking on 'deploy collectives', a transaction will be initiated to create the collective. Please note that a minting fee will be required to deploy the contract, which will handle the distribution of funds within your collaboration. This contract enables transparent payment splitting on the blockchain. Once the collective is created, it can be utilized indefinitely, adhering to the initial conditions under which it was established.

Note: we only support whole numbers for percentage splits, so if a split of 50/50 happens, taking into account KnownOrigin fees this means that the collaborator may receive 1% less than the other part due to rounding up or down.

Your fellow collaborators will be visible on the art edition page for potential Collectors to see.

Collaborations are a highly valuable feature that can be utilized in various scenarios to foster teamwork and revenue sharing among creators. Whether it's establishing partnerships between artists and galleries or facilitating shared earnings among collaborators, this feature offers numerous benefits. By working together, creators can enhance their reach, tap into new audiences, and mutually amplify their success in selling their work.

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