What is Subgraph?
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TheGraph network provides a data availability layer for which decentralised applications, such as KnownOrigin, can build upon to provide a more robust and improved user and developer experience.

SubGraphs are deployed to TheGraph network and contain public, provable and immutable mapping logic which translates the state of the smart contract suite along with the IPFS data stored for all KnownOrigin assets in to public GraphQL service.

This service can be accessed by most GQL libraries, and this is what powers most of what you see on the KnownOrigin platform.

KnownOrigin uses this Subgraph based, data availability layer to abstract away all the complexities of the platform as well as abstracting away from the consumer the various different versions of KnownOrigin NFTs which have been developed and deployed over the years.
On this point, the entities Edition and Token all have a version field, this determines the KODA NFT version which they pertain to. The main domain objects you will most likely be concerned with are as follows:

  • Edition - primary artwork entity - represents a group of Tokens as well as being used in the primary sale of an artwork

  • Token - a single token/piece of artwork - this is always owned by a single ETH address

  • MetaData - a representation of all metadata for an edition/token

  • Artist - an entity that mints artwork on the platform

  • Collector - an entity who has owned 1 or more KODA tokens

There are many other entities in the Subgraph but these entities are the most commonly used ones.

Useful links

Source code

Hosted subgraph

Studio (migration in process)

Note: We are in the process of migrating to use the fully decentralised graph network, eventually this will completely replace the hosted service.

Common Queries

The following queries can be used in tandem with the links above to test out any queries you wish to use.


Artists have the ability to create new art on KnownOrigin.

Get artist by address

{ artists(where:{id:"0x3768225622d53ffcc1e00eac53a2a870ecd825c8"}){ id address salesCount editionsCount totalValueInEth lastEditionTimestamp firstEditionTimestamp highestSaleValueInEth # Load all associated unburnt editions as well editions(where:{active:true}) { id } } }

Other fields do exist but these are the most commonly used fields for the artist entity.

Also, artist data is not created until they mint their first item on KnownOrigin.

Get Creations for Artist

Edition's represent a bag or group of tokens which are then modelled in Subgraph as Token's once primary purchase happens.

{ editions(where:{artist_in:["0x3768225622d53ffcc1e00eac53a2a870ecd825c8"], active:true}) { id version createdTimestamp tokenIds tokenURI collaborators startDate totalSupply totalAvailable totalEthSpentOnEdition # Metadata about the edition i.e. everything in the token URI + more metadata { id name description image scarcity artist tags } # All current owners of this edition currentOwners { id } # All owners ever of this work, some may NOT currently own it allOwners { id } } }

We also offer the ability to collaborate with other artists when minting, to do this change the queries where clause to the following where: { collaborators_contains: ["<address>"] }

Notice the use of active:true - when an Edition is 100% burnt and removed from the KnownOrigin platform, active is set to false.

The examples above if for the artists xcopy.

By Token


{ tokens(where:{id:"264615"}){ id version transferCount editionNumber tokenURI birthTimestamp artistAccount lastTransferTimestamp lastSalePriceInEth totalPurchaseCount totalPurchaseValue primaryValueInEth # The associated metadata metadata { id } # The associated edition edition { id } # Current owner currentOwner { id } # All owners including historic owners allOwners { id } } }

To expand on this to find all tokens owned by account uss the follow variation:

{ tokens(where:{ currentOwner_in: [ "0x0f48669b1681d41357eac232f516b77d0c10f0f1" ] }){ ...token fields } }

This will get you all tokens owned by that ETH account.


A Collector is any account who has taken ownership of a KODA token.

{ collectors(where:{id:"0x0f48669b1681d41357eac232f516b77d0c10f0f1"}){ id firstSeen firstPurchaseTimeStamp lastPurchaseTimeStamp totalPurchaseCount totalPurchaseEthSpent primaryPurchaseCount primaryPurchaseEthSpent secondaryPurchaseCount secondaryPurchaseEthSpent secondarySaleCount secondarySaleEthTotal # Currently owned tokens tokens { id # token metadata metadata{ id } # edition of token edition{ id } } } }

Order book

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