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eBay <> KnownOrigin FAQs

FAQs for Artists & Collectors Regarding Our Acquisition by eBay

Updated over a week ago

In June 2022, we shared the news that we have joined eBay to help lead their NFT and digital collectibles strategy with the mission to bring web 3 capabilities to the platform. Below we have listed frequently related questions that artists and collectors on KnownOrigin may have regarding the acquisition.

Has the mission changed?

  • Our mission and purpose remain at the centre of everything we do! We started KnownOrigin to empower creators so they could earn a living from the thing that they love doing! This acquisition by eBay allows us to empower even more creatives, giving them the opportunity to experience the benefits of this new digital Revolution.

What happens to the KnownOrigin roadmap?

  • We have no plans to change this but are partnering with eBay to define a holistic roadmap that aligns with KnownOrigin and eBay visions. We still believe in continuous improvements and fast feedback loops from our community to develop the best possible product.

How will my artwork be displayed?

  • We have always focused on the artwork and artists that are on KnownOrigin. We have no plans to change this, we appreciate the value that the creators and collectors bring to KnownOrigin and the wider space. The artist remains at the centre of our mission.

Will the smart contract change?

  • This is not changing at this time; we continue to look for opportunity to innovate & meet the needs of our community. So, while we have some of the most advanced smart contracts in the eco-system, we are exploring more ways to leverage the power of this new technology.

Will you change how the platforms works?

  • We are continuing to build on Ethereum and believe in the web 3 technologies. We are also exploring L2 solutions and alternative chains like Tezos for multi-chain options for our creators.

Will you still have artist applications?

  • We have no plans to change this, we will continue to have monthly open calls for artists and the application process will remain the same. We have no plans to change at the moment, however we are always exploring news ways to onboard new artists and embrace the community.

What will happen to royalties on KnownOrigin?

What happens to my existing artwork?

  • All artwork minted on KnownOrigin belongs to you, the creator. We have no plans to change this.

Will the KnownOrigin team change?

  • We have no immediate plans to change the KnownOrigin team. However, we are excited for the opportunity to grow the team and innovate even more in the space. We are hiring!

Will my work be sold on eBay?

  • Our plan will be to eventually to make KnownOrigin assets available on eBay, the goal of the acquisition is to lead eBay’s web3 initiative and bring them into the NFT space. eBay have millions of monthly users which can be bridged into NFT and crypto technologies.

Will you still be a curated platform?

  • We will continue to be a curated marketplace; we have no plans to change at the moment.

  • Over time we want to bring web3 to eBay’s much larger audience.

Will the fee for artists change?

  • We have no plans to change atm but if we do will let everyone know.

Does this impact the tokens minted?

  • We have no plans to change atm, but if we do will let everyone know.

  • No immediate changes — over time they will also be listed on eBay as well.

Will ebay sellers be allowed to sell on KnownOrigin?

  • We have no plans to change atm, but if we do will let everyone know.

  • No immediate changes but this is likely over time, unsure of exactly how this will look yet though.

What happens to the KnownOrigin Brand?

  • We have no plans to change atm but if we do will let everyone know.

Will we KYC artists?

  • No immediate changes. As part of our product roadmap planning discussions with eBay, KYC will be one area of consideration — with the goal of determining a minimal model that balances addressing compliance guidelines with minimum disruption to user experience.

Will KnownOrigin look to support other cryptocurrencies other than ETH?

  • We have no plans to change atm but if we do will let everyone know.

What are the financial terms of the deal?

  • eBay has not announced the terms of this deal.

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