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Creating and managing your collections

How can I create and manage my collections?

Updated over a week ago

Collections are groupings of artwork you can create to better organize your art on your profile page. These can be pieces you have minted, under the 'Artworks' section of your profile, or pieces you have purchased, under the 'Collected' section of your profile.

Creating a collection

Click 'Create a collection' and give it a name and a description, this is not a blockchain transaction and therefore you can alter or delete each collection at any time.

Once you have created your collection you can add the artworks by clicking on each piece, the order of selection will determine the order in which they are displayed.

If you are experiencing long load times on your profile then creating a collection can be a good way to mitigate this as you will be limiting the amount of artworks loading at the same time. We recommend if you either mint or collect a lot of GIF files to organize the artworks for the best profile experience using KnownOrigin. Load times are dependent on your network bandwidth which is why artworks might load faster or slower for different users.

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