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Exporting your keys from a Fortmatic Wallet
Exporting your keys from a Fortmatic Wallet
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As of March 2023, KnownOrigin will be ending support for Fortmatic which has now been retired and re-branded as Magic.

If you have been using Fortmatic as your Web3 wallet option and still wish to access your account, you will need to export your private keys from Fortmatic and import them into another wallet of your choice. We recommend using Metamask for ease of use.

Please note that only the account holder can facilitate this process and it cannot be carried out by any member of the KnownOrigin support team. Additionally, this should only be done on a trusted secure machine where you are comfortable temporarily saving your private keys.

As a security consideration, we advise that your private keys should not be held on a machine long term. Once they have been imported into a new wallet, they should be securely destroyed to protect your assets.

How To Export your Private Keys

Your Fortmatic wallet can still be accessed by visiting their website and clicking the wallet link in the navigation.

Login using your credentials

Once successfully signed in, click the “Export Private Key” option under settings

You’ll then be given the option to export your key as a backup, or download it, allowing it to be used on a different wallet. If you still need access to Fortmatic, we recommend downloading your key as a backup.

You’ll see a prompt to export the key, please check the details before proceeding.

To complete the export, Fortmatic will prompt you to create a password for the encrypted file. Please use a different password to the one you use to log into Fortmatic and ensure that it’s something you’ll be able to remember when decrypting the file.

Once completed, Fortmatic will update to let you know that the download has begun. Before closing the website, check that the correct .json file has downloaded.

Once complete you’ll have your private key ready to decrypt and import into a wallet of your choosing.

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